Chemical reactions
22 September, 2020

Chemical reactions


The role of chemical reactions in our daily life:

Chemical reactions are one of the most important types of events in the universe. Through chemical reactions plants grow, and food is manufactured.

Chemical reactions are the main reason that helps the formation of matter in the universe. Each element is a chemical substance, and the elements that form bonds are called molecules. Chemical reactions happen when molecules interact, breaking bonds between atoms in the molecules.

Chemical reactions are at the heart of every physical and biological process in the universe. Stars form due to chemical reactions; Sunlight is formed by chemical reactions at its core. Life on Earth evolved as a result of chemical reactions. The circle of life is, in essence, a chain of chemical reactions. Even our ability to think and move is a result of the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies.

Importance of chemical reactions:

  • Chemical reactions help us understand the properties of a substance. By studying the way a substance interacts with another substance, we can learn its chemical properties. These properties can be used to identify an unknown sample.
  • By observing chemical reactions, we are able to understand how the natural world works. Chemical reactions turn food into fuel for your body, making the fireworks explode.
  • Chemical reactions change food when cooked, make soap remove dirt, and much more.
  • Chemical reactions are exciting and entertaining that arouse an interest in science. These types of interests encourage people to ask questions and may lead them to careers related to science.
  • Chemical reactions help us solve crimes and clarify riddles. By analyzing blood and tissue samples, for example, the police can identify the perpetrators. Chemical reactions are also the tools we use in fossils, we analyze ancient materials, and we better understand how our ancestors lived.
  • By observing chemical reactions in outer space, we are able to identify and describe other planets. We can even identify planets and moons that are likely to be able to sustain life.
  • Fire The most important discovery made by humans is simply a chemical reaction.
  • Without chemical reactions, nothing will change. Atoms will remain atoms and new molecules will not be formed.


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